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Sponsor Content is accepted from partners on HOAresources.com. The following guidelines protect and govern The Community Associations Institute and its related brands (namely HOAresources.com), ensuring the organization maintains its integrity to members and readers. The guidelines address the relationship between information produced by CAI and its advertisers. They have been updated as of September 15, 2020 and will continue to be updated should new questions or issues arise. 

General Sponsor Content Guidelines

  • LABELING. All sponsor content must be clearly labeled/distinguishable from CAI-produced content with the label “SPONSOR CONTENT”. Labeling will be consistent and will be appended to all sponsor content by CAI. in addition, a disclaimer detailing the nature of the sponsor agreement will be included at the end of each piece.
  • DESIGN. Sponsor content lives in a separate page template on HOAresources.com. While the template mimics the editorial article template, it includes different colors and fonts to visually signal the advertiser source to the reader.
  • SOURCE. Advertisers are responsible for submitting content to CAI for publication. Advertiser is responsible for ensuring that content is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. Sponsor content does not necessarily reflect the views of CAI, its editors or other staff.
  • BRAND. CAI has the right to reject any content submission, paid or otherwise, based on a determination by staff that the content is false or unlawful, or if it may harm CAI’s reputation or cause other damage to the CAI organization.

Sponsor Content Format Requirements

  • EDITS. At times, CAI’s staff may suggest edits to sponsor content for tone, style, grammar, punctuation and/or improved performance. CAI will require two edits: (1) from the editor of HOAresources.com and (2) from a CAI legal/regulatory resource. The client will receive any requested edits to content that result from these two reviews. Should advertiser not accept CAI edits, CAI reserves the right to not publish the content.
  • BYLINE. All sponsor content must include a byline, either a company or individual representative of said company.
  • HEADLINE. All sponsor content will include a headline suggested by CAI staff and approved by advertiser to ensure best performance on-site.

Sponsor Content Partner Specs

  • COPY: A 500-800 word article that is legally able to be published by the client and CAI, and is factually accurate
  • LOGO: A company logo, transparent background, 250×80 pixels
  • URL: A click-through URL
  • BYLINE: Company name or individual representative
  • BIO: Company or individual bio, no more than 200 words
  • PHOTO: A high-resolution photo
  • OTHER: Any additional multimedia, links or embeds (Not required)
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