Artificial Intelligence: Responsible Guidelines for Your HOA

By Joni Lucas
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Community association board members and managers should approach the use of artificial intelligence thoughtfully and responsibly. Consider the following:

Clearly define objectives. Outline your goals. Whether it’s building community, streamlining processes, or enhancing decision-making, understanding your objectives is essential.

Define needs. Do your homeowners have specific preferences? How AI is used should meet their interests and expectations.

Prioritize data privacy and security. Craft and share clear policies covering data collection, storage, and usage.

Establish ethical guidelines. Will you be able to prevent bias in algorithms, ensure fair treatment, and avoid discriminatory practices? As AI technology evolves, you’ll need to regularly update these guidelines.

Make processes transparent. Be sure residents understand how AI is being used. Explain decisions that were informed by AI systems.

Educate residents. Resources or training sessions can help residents understand the benefits and how others throughout the industry are using it too.

Integrate systems. Consider how AI integrates with your existing technology. Compatibility will ensure efficient operations and data exchanges.

Provide oversight. Automated tasks can be great, but someone should ensure accuracy and make adjustments when necessary.

Evaluate continuously. Are AI systems performing? Are they having a positive impact? Make improvements and adjustments.

Stay informed about industry standards and best practices. Ensure your initiatives align with standards to maintain credibility and trust.

Editor’s note: This content was developed in part with artificial intelligence. CAI staff began by entering a prompt in ChatGPT focused on “guidelines and considerations for using artificial intelligence. CAI staff edited for style, content, and clarity.

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Joni Lucas

Joni Lucas is the editor of CAI's flagship magazine, Common Ground.