Essential Ethics for Community Association Board Members

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Adhering to a set of ethical standards can help community association board members fulfill their volunteer duties and responsibilities with the community’s best interests in mind. Board members must use sound judgment to make the best possible business decisions for the association, taking into consideration all available information, circumstances, and resources, as well as act within the boundaries of their authority as defined by law and the association governing documents. These are just some of the behaviors and traits effective boards members should exhibit.

CAI’s Model Code of Ethics for Community Association Board Members features the complete list of ethical standards for board members to reference. While it isn’t meant to address every potential ethical dilemma, it serves as a basic framework that can be modified by any common-interest community.

The Model Code of Ethics is part of Community Association Living: An Essential Guide for Homeowner Leaders serves as an introduction for residents to gain a better understanding about their preferred place to call home and make their community association living experience a positive one.

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Download our Model Code of Ethics for Community Association Board Members.

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