HOALive: Unlocking Hidden Revenue: Innovative Strategies for HOA Management Companies

By Sponsor, Gordian Business Solutions
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In this dynamic session, presented by Rob Buffington, CEO, Gordian Business Solutions, you’ll discover the secrets to transforming your HOA management business by identifying untapped revenue sources and implementing innovative strategies. Learn how to maximize profitability, enhance client satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving world of HOA management.

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Sponsor, Gordian Business Solutions

Rob Buffington is the CEO of Gordian Business Solutions. He has seen every side of the HOA industry there is to see. As owner of an HOA Management company, owner of a Building Maintenance company, a consultant to HOA companies and finally as the owner of Gordian Business Solutions, the only remote staffing company built around the HOA industry to meet its unique needs. He brings a unique and modern take to the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today.