How To Better Serve Your Community with Technology

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Technology is essential in our modern society. It impacts every industry, including community association management. Despite the benefits of technology, many people in the market are still hesitant to adopt it.

Some fear that implementing technology may result in a loss of personal touch. Others have concerns about it leading to the complete automation of processes. But technology can improve human contributions, operations, and processes—not harm them. Here are four reasons why you should consider leveraging technology solutions and software.

Optimizing Efficiency. With technology, you can streamline processes and operations by completing time-consuming work more efficiently and accurately, while reducing the risk of human error. Additionally, technology can automate routine tasks, so teams can focus on building relationships with community members and being more personal and consultative in their communications.

Improving Communication. Another key area where technology can significantly impact community management is communication processes. For example, homeowners association software features provide community managers with centralized communication channels, online payment platforms, and digital voting capabilities. This helps them achieve consistent communication and encourages participation, engagement, and organization.

Enabling Data-Driven Decisions. Imagine having powerful tools to gather, process, and analyze large amounts of data. That’s what data analytics can provide. Teams get valuable insights into community management trends, patterns, and areas for improvement, facilitating data-driven decisions, reducing risk, increasing agility, and decreasing wasted time and money.

Easing Human Contributions. While the fear of minimized human interaction and job displacement are often associated with technology, it also can enhance the human element. People prefer a more personalized experience—one that is made possible with technology. With increased accessibility and ease of use, technology platforms promote a collaborative, transparent, and active community environment.

Adopting technology in community management can optimize workflows, improve communication, support informed decision-making, and unlock a human touch. It empowers you to better assist communities and preserve a personal connection with residents. By integrating technology, community managers can elevate the efficacy of their responsibilities, resulting in positive outcomes for community management.


Katie Foell is global president of TownSq, a comprehensive community management platform that provides easy access to important information and tools, including calendars, account management, and more. It aims to simplify community living and create more connected and engaged neighborhoods.