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Now more than ever, those who don’t stay at the forefront of innovation in association management will quickly be left behind. Homeowners’ and board members’ needs are evolving, and technology is no longer a ‘nice to have,’ but an absolute essential for doing business.

To help the industry stay in tune with the latest trends, insights, and technologies, our team at AppFolio recently hosted the AppFolio Wave Summit, a 2-day virtual conference, featuring 30+ sessions, led by more than 70 real estate leaders.

The name “Wave Summit” was inspired by the idea that innovation comes in waves. These waves are often ripples at first, but then they gather strength and end up shaping the entire industry. I’m excited to announce that you can now access most of the sessions on-demand. Below are a few of the sessions geared toward association management that you should find incredibly beneficial — I even had the opportunity to lead two of the sessions! 

  • Three pillars to propel and grow your association management business: Dive into the critical strategies that will help you achieve your business growth goals. In this session, Ernest Oriente, president of PowerHour®, teaches you how to effectively implement acquisition strategies to boost your bottom line, drive revenue, and achieve scalable business growth.
  • Keys to successfully managing relationships in community associations: Uncover what it takes to build and foster strong relationships with board members and homeowners, so you can create lifelong customers. In this panel discussion, I talk to Warner Johnson, vice president of Duckworth-Morris Real Estate and Jordan Levine, president and co-founder of Pelican Property Management, who share the strategies that helped them establish lasting relationships with the associations they manage.
  • Tactics to create profitable association management teams: Learn how to set your teams up for success by streamlining routine processes and enabling managers to focus on the big picture. In this session, Cat Carmichael, CAI past president and CEO of Strategy 123, shows you how you can leverage tech-forward training tactics to create stand-out teams, maximize profit margins, and lead the market in hiring.
  • How technology is driving operational improvements: Technologies that improve the customer experience on the frontlines of your business are usually the first to receive innovation. However, the most impactful innovations that drive NOI are often the ones that drive efficiency behind the scenes. In this session, I walk through some of the technology trends that are reimagining how association management businesses function, and provide valuable insight into how you can achieve your growth goals and maximize your staffing ratio.
  • How to exceed modern homeowner expectations: Hear Joe Saldaña, senior product manager at AppFolio, and Ari Shore, COO of CAP Management, as they discuss the various approaches board members and management executives can take to create an outstanding homeowner experience.

Get the expert insights and resources you need to adapt your strategies and future-proof your association management business. Sign up to watch the AppFolio Wave Summit today — it’s completely free and available on-demand until August 13, 2021.

Beth Gilbert

Beth Gilbert is the senior director of the community association market at AppFolio. Gilbert brings over 15 years of product experience to AppFolio and is currently responsible for developing the vision and strategy for the community association market.