There’s an app for that.

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It seems that no matter what the question is, that’s the answer. In fact, recent studies have shown
that mobile users spend 88% of their time on mobile apps, and just 12% on mobile websites.

That’s means if you’re depending on your residents to log onto to your community website for
information, contacts, calendars, or reservations, you’re likely fighting a battle for attention
you’ve already lost.

A branded community app, one that looks and feels like you, could be the solution.

It’s a noisy world out there
You want your community members to feel safe. To feel engaged. To feel like they are a part of
something. Connected.

We know this, too: good connection is about good communication.

Here’s the problem: it’s loud out there. In a world where everything is happening in 4k, 5G, and
across innumerable social media channels, it’s easy for communication to get lost in the noise.

If you don’t have an effective way to cut through the noise, you aren’t communicating; you’re
screaming into the void.

A mobile app offers you a way to live where your residents do: in their apps.

Residents want to feel empowered
Choices are how we know we’re in charge of our lives. The more choice we have, the more
control we feel.

App-driven amenity reservation services put control into your residents’ hands at all times. They
can see availability schedules, reserve court times, avoid busy times, or even reserve parking
spots for visitors.

One of the biggest frustrations residents in managed communities express is their inability to
take advantage of the amenities provided.

Put the ball back in their court.

Phone calls and emails are time-consuming
Whether it’s questions about board voting, or amenity reservations, or inquiries about leaf
pickup, you’re likely typing the answers to the same kinds of questions over and over and over

That’s no fun, and it’s time that you’d rather be spending on actually making your community

Having pertinent information update in real-time on a mobile app, and being able to send out
information through push notifications, means your residents always have access to what they
need to know.

Digital footprints can reduce liability
Amenities like pools are a huge asset to a community. They are gathering places and social
spaces that breathe life into a neighborhood.

Unfortunately, they’re also liabilities.

Poor usage tracking may lead to under-treating the water. Over-crowding may lead to dangerous
situations. Under-informed lifeguards may make decisions that put residents in harm’s way.

Using digital pool passes offers you much more than just careless entry systems, although that’s
a huge plus for residents.

It also allows you track all the pertinent data you’re interested in, with no clipboards, wet sign
sheets, or memory games.

It’s a data-informed pool party.

An app is probably cheaper than you think
There’s no way to know unless you ask, but it’s likely that a branded mobile app is within
financial reach for your community.

If you’d like more information on cost and services, reach out.

At MokoApp, we design and launch mobile apps that make connection simpler, and communities stronger.

Daniel Juday

Daniel Juday joined MokoApp to lead their visual branding and marketing efforts early on, helping to establish an identity that would reflect their company values: simple, clean, and human. Daniel authors blogs, designs marketing material, and supports with tradeshow collateral.